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There are men and women across the UK that struggle with weight loss. It is a positive idea if you are overweight and a great decision for your health. Having said that, fad diets and miracle weight loss plans don’t work. Losing weight and keeping it off requires behavioural changes. We can help you accomplish them.

We offer specialised weight loss solutions that combine medical treatments with dietary changes, exercises, and the full support you need to succeed. Our weight loss solutions are administered by doctors and backed by science.

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    Let us Create a Customised Plan

    Weight loss is a personal, individual journey. That's why fad diets don’t work. Fad diets are not meant to be individualised. They are offered as one-size-fits-all solutions. We avoid them at all costs.

    With Nadcell, you get a customised weight loss plan designed around your needs, circumstances, and current health. Here’s how it works:

    1. Contact us for an initial consultation.
    2. Sit down with one of our medical professionals to work on a plan tailored to you.
    3. Implement that plan with all the support and help you need provided by our staff.

    We believe a customised plan backed by science, rather than fads, offers you the best chances of reaching your weight loss goals. And because our plans help you change your diet and exercise habits, you will be able to keep that weight off permanently.

    Natural Therapies

    • Orlistat – As much as one-third of all the fat you eat is not absorbed by your body. It is passed out through the stool. This is accomplished through an enzyme known as orlistat. An orlistat supplement boosts the enzyme to block more fat absorption.
    • Glutathione – Glutathione is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the human body. It plays a vitally important role in managing inflammation, controlling the ageing process, and even detoxifying the liver. It can assist with weight loss by improving your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.
    • NAD+ – NAD+ is a natural coenzyme and one of the forms of NAD found naturally in the body. NAD’s main responsibility is to facilitate the transfer of electrons between cells. NAD+, as a weight loss supplement, helps by promoting better blood sugar regulation and metabolism.
    • Counselling (hypnotherapy) – Weight loss counselling that includes hypnotherapy can be beneficial to weight loss by helping you retrain how your mind thinks about food, exercise, and other behavioural issues. It addresses weight loss from both cognitive and subconscious angles.

    Weight Management Is a Lifestyle

    We prefer to develop individual plans for each client for the simple fact that weight management is actually a lifestyle more than anything else. Though there are medical exceptions, the majority of us manage our weight (for good or bad) based on the lifestyles we live. Change the lifestyle and you change the way weight is managed.

    Medications that suppress the appetite or regulate metabolism are helpful tools for getting rid of that excess weight. But they are not long-term solutions. The same goes for natural therapies like counselling and NAD+. Such therapies are utilised to get the process started. Ultimately, changing your lifestyle is what counts the most.

    Regular Exercise

    Unless there is an underlying medical condition that contributes to being overweight, weight gain is usually the result of consuming more calories than your body needs to function. The amount of calories you need is determined largely by the amount of physical energy you exert. That is where exercise comes in.

    Those of us who lead sedentary lifestyles typically do not exert enough physical energy to burn all the calories we consume. The only way around that is to engage in regular exercise. Exercise burns excess calories, thereby preventing them from being stored as fat.

    Exercise doesn’t have to be overbearing or gruelling to be beneficial. It just needs to be enough to burn up those calories the body isn't using on its own. Everything from daily walks to workouts at the gym can do the trick.

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    Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

    A Healthy Diet

    Changing the foods we eat also plays a crucial role in both weight loss and ongoing weight management. Certain types of foods are high in empty calories. Empty calories are calories that do not offer any nutritional value. These are the calories that give us most of the trouble.

    In addition, healthy foods – like fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids – provide the essential building blocks that keep the body functioning in a healthy manner. A healthy body is better able to regulate appetite, metabolism, sugar levels, etc. without the need for medical assistance.

    We see weight loss as a journey. It is a journey we can assist with through an individualised plan. If you struggle to lose weight and keep it off, consider trying a new way. Let us prepare a customised plan that includes one of our treatments along with help developing an exercise routine and a healthy diet.

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