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Sleep Therapy & Insomnia Treatment

Nadcell Clinic offers innovative therapies, including NAD therapy, for the treatment of insomnia at our state of the art private sleep clinic in Glasgow.

The quality of our sleep profoundly influences virtually every facet of our health and our day-to-day existence. Health experts typically advocate for a minimum of eight hours of restorative slumber each night to support our overall well-being. However, when we fall short of this crucial sleep quota, the repercussions can be wide-ranging and impactful.

Sleep deprivation, often a consequence of failing to attain those recommended eight hours, exacts a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health. The effects of sleeplessness extend into virtually every aspect of our lives. Physically, it can weaken our immune system, hinder cognitive function, and contribute to weight gain. Mentally and emotionally, it can lead to mood swings, heightened stress levels, and diminished productivity.

At Nadcell Clinic in Glasgow, we recognise that sleep plays a pivotal role in our holistic health. Our comprehensive approach to well-being encompasses the understanding that sleep is an essential pillar of vitality. Whether you’re grappling with sleep disorders, experiencing chronic fatigue, or struggling with the myriad effects of sleep deprivation, our treatments and therapies are designed to address these challenges.

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With our NAD drip treatment, NAD is administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for faster and greater absorption into the body and bloodstream compared to oral supplements.

The Power of Restorative Sleep

We believe in the power of restorative sleep as a cornerstone of health and vitality. Our team is here to provide innovative solutions that can help you achieve better sleep quality and duration. By addressing the root causes of sleep disturbances, we aim to empower you with the tools you need to enhance your sleep and, in turn, elevate your overall quality of life.

A lack of proper, restful sleep is a contributing factor in:

Restorative Sleep

NAD levels get lower naturally as we age

Sleep and Tissue Repair

Restful sleep is critical to overall good health because it promotes tissue repair. Every day, your body endures stress as a natural result of your daily routine, but your body has a secret weapon. While you sleep, it channels all its energies into healing and restoration. That’s why you hear people talk about sleep as being restorative.

People who have trouble sleeping and suffer from chronic insomnia do not get enough restful sleep. Insomnia can be a medical issue on its own or a symptom of something else.

For example, it is a common symptom of alcohol detox and drug withdrawal.

We offer effective insomnia treatment plans specifically tailored to you. Book an appointment or a free consultation at our NAD clinic in Glasgow today for a happy brain, happy body & happy life.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia, a prevalent sleep disorder, finds its place under the wide-reaching umbrella of sleep disturbances. It is distinguished by persistent challenges related to various facets of sleep, including the ability to initiate sleep, maintain it, consolidate restful periods, and attain high sleep quality. Individuals grappling with insomnia often experience a multifaceted array of difficulties, whether it’s struggling to drift into slumber or facing the frustrating inability to remain asleep throughout the night, ultimately robbing them of the rejuvenation they seek each morning.

The consequences of insomnia extend far beyond the confines of the night. Sleep deprivation, a common byproduct of insomnia, carries a multitude of adverse effects. Physically, it can weaken the immune system, elevate the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and impede the body’s natural restorative processes. Mentally and emotionally, it can lead to mood disorders, heightened stress levels, and cognitive impairments, impacting daily functioning and overall quality of life.

At Nadcell Clinic, we understand the intricate interplay between sleep and well-being. We recognise that the effects of insomnia and sleep deprivation can profoundly influence your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our comprehensive approach to holistic wellness encompasses innovative solutions designed to address sleep disorders and their consequences.

What are the Symptoms of Insomnia?

Just like other sleep disorders, it is important to see a doctor in order to receive an official diagnosis; however, here is what to look out for if you suspect you may be suffering from insomnia:

In order to be diagnosed, you will need to have regularly experienced some of these insomnia symptoms for three months or longer. Insomnia that lasts less than three months is known as short-term insomnia. Depending on your diagnosis and the results of your doctor’s standard medical exam, you may be referred to a sleep disorder clinic to have an overnight sleep study.

Your treatment and prevention plan will depend on the type of insomnia you have and your medical history.

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia can be a primary problem or can be caused by an underlying issue. This can make it challenging to determine what is causing your insomnia, but some common causes include:

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Vitamins, Nutrients, Amino Acids

Ways to Treat Insomnia with NAD Drip & Other Treatments

NAD+ chronic pain treatment options at Nadcell Clinic in Glasgow encompass NAD+ Drips and NAD+ Injections. These targeted therapies enhance NAD+ levels, promoting calmness and emotional balance for individuals seeking effective chronic pain management.

Nadcell Clinic: A NAD Therapy & Sleep Specialist in Glasgow

With a team of specialists made up of nurses, doctors, counsellors, and psychiatrists, Nadcell Clinic offers innovative, patient-centred NAD+ treatments and therapies for treating insomnia not found at other sleep clinics.

We want what is best for our patients. Taking a holistic approach to physical & mental health and well being, we offer a range of treatments that may help those struggling with insomnia.

Schedule a consultation with a Nadcell Clinic sleep therapist in Glasgow and let us help you get a good night’s sleep.

Natural Treatments Are Better

Treatments involving medications and medical devices are an important part of modern medicine, but we believe natural treatments are better in some cases, including in treating insomnia.

A natural way you can help yourself get a good night’s sleep is by practising good sleep habits and relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises. This can help reduce anxiety and muscle tension in your body, as well stabilise as your heart rate, thus placing your body and mind in a better space.

Whether insomnia is caused by stress, an underlying medical issue, or alcohol & drug misuse and withdrawal, our natural remedies do not rely on medications that can cause problems, making our insomnia treatments a sustainable choice.

Improve your sleep quality by booking an insomnia treatment at our sleep clinic in Glasgow today. If you still have questions about how we treat sleep disorders, book a free consultation to find out more about our treatments and clinic.


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