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Skincare is not only about aesthetics; it’s an essential aspect of overall well-being. Your skin serves as the body’s frontline defence, shielding it from external threats like germs and diseases. At Nadcell Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, we understand that nurturing your skin is more than just a beauty regimen; it’s a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle that accompanies you as you age. We specialise in a range of treatments, including IV vitamin drips and skin boosters, designed to enhance your skin’s health and appearance, ensuring it continues to serve its vital role in safeguarding your body.

The human skin is a marvel, composed of seven intricate layers of tissue. Its primary function extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a dynamic organ that plays a crucial role in protecting the underlying muscles, bones, and internal organs. In fact, it holds the distinction of being the largest organ in the human body.

If you’ve landed on this page, you may be wondering about the significance of skin health or seeking solutions to specific skin-related concerns. Perhaps you’re interested in exploring how our IV vitamin drip therapy can infuse your skin with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Alternatively, you might be considering skin boosters to rejuvenate and revitalise your complexion.

No matter your reason for visiting Nadcell Clinic in Glasgow, rest assured that our team of experts is committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal skin health. We believe that a healthy, radiant complexion is not only a reflection of your outer beauty but also a testament to your inner well-being. Explore our comprehensive skincare solutions and embark on a journey towards healthier, more vibrant skin that contributes to your overall vitality and longevity.

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With our NAD drip treatment, NAD is administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for faster and greater absorption into the body and bloodstream compared to oral supplements.

The Effects of Ageing on Skin

As time passes, the natural resilience of our skin can begin to wane. The ageing process, both chronological and accelerated by the effects of ultraviolet (UV) exposure, gradually diminishes the skin’s capacity to function optimally. This not only affects your appearance but also has profound implications for your overall well-being.

The telltale signs of ageing manifest as wrinkles, sunspots, and uneven skin tone. While these aesthetic concerns may be the most noticeable, they serve as poignant reminders that the skin is losing its ability to serve as a robust protective barrier for your body. It’s a reminder that we must take proactive steps to support our skin’s vitality.

If you’ve found your way to our Nadcell Clinic page, chances are you’re seeking solutions to address these concerns. You might be wondering how to combat the visible effects of ageing and rejuvenate your skin. This is where our cutting-edge anti-aging IV therapy comes into play. By harnessing the power of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), along with a potent blend of enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins, we aim to restore your skin’s youthful vitality and promote overall health.

NAD+, a vital coenzyme, and amino acids serve as the foundational building blocks for a healthy body and a sharp mind. Our treatments are carefully designed to replenish these essential elements, helping you unlock your body’s inherent regenerative potential.

At Nadcell Clinic, we are not just in the business of addressing cosmetic concerns; we are dedicated to enhancing your overall health and quality of life. Discover how our innovative anti-aging therapies can not only turn back the clock on your skin but also fortify your body from within, empowering you to look and feel your best at any age. Explore the possibilities and embark on a journey toward a healthier, more vibrant you.

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NAD levels get lower naturally as we age

What is NAD?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an enzyme that the human body produces naturally. Although it is involved in numerous bodily functions, its main job is to make sure energy passes through the body. This should guarantee that all the cells get the energy they need to perform the way they are supposed to.

NAD occurs in two forms. NAD+ is the oxidised form while NADH(-) is the reduced form. NAD moves energy throughout the body in the form of electrons, hence why there are positive and negatively charged forms of NAD. The process is surprisingly similar to how batteries work.

A battery contains a liquid electrolyte solution through which energy travels. Without that solution, a battery would be useless. In the human body, NAD does the job of the electrolyte. As NAD production slows down, so does energy transfer. Less energy being delivered to skin cells negatively impacts skin health.

For skin treatments in Glasgow using a NAD infusion skin booster, visit Nadcell Clinic, a fully HIS registered clinic led by Dr Alexander Lapa.

How does NAD help skin?

Healthy levels of NAD may help in a number of ways. NAD+ benefits for the skin may include:

Research suggests all of this is possible because an increase in NAD for skin can help restore natural cell function. When skin cells perform at their maximum, good things happen.

How is NAD therapy administered?

There are numerous ways of administering NAD therapy, including intravenous infusions (IV drips), NAD injections (normally intramuscular or IM), supplements, and topical (applied directly on the skin as a cream). We prefer NAD drip therapy because it ensures that NAD and a host of essential vitamins get directly into the bloodstream.

Also known as a NAD infusion, our IV drip therapy is conducted as an outpatient procedure in our Glasgow clinic. All procedures are administered and monitored by trained medical professionals committed to your comfort and safety.

While aesthetic medicine uses tiny injections of a specialised solution to fill and boost certain areas of the skin, our skin boosters treatment offers a more holistic approach, helping your body from the inside out.

How long does the NAD IV therapy take?

A single NAD infusion session usually takes 1–2 hours. Under certain circumstances, it can take a little bit longer. Most of our clients come in for multiple infusions in order to maximise the benefits NAD+ may bring.

During the procedure, feel free to relax. You can sit up or lie down, whichever you prefer. You will be able to immediately return to normal activity at the conclusion of your treatment.

Maintaining healthy skin is a big part of maintaining overall good health as you age. Remember that the skin is the first line of defence against sickness. Ageing skin is more than just an aesthetic issue. With that in mind, give some thought to NAD therapy as a way to perhaps improve skin health and reduce the aesthetic effects of ageing on your appearance.

Skin Booster Treatment FAQs

Do skin boosters really work?

Skin boosters are popular procedures that aim to improve skin quality and health through the injection of substances with potentially healing and rejuvenating properties.

The effects of injectable skin boosters can vary for various skin types and multiple skin booster treatments may be required to achieve optimal results.

The effects of a skin boosters treatment can vary from person to person because it depends on several factors, such as individual metabolism, lifestyle choices, and the specific product used. Generally, the effects of skin boosters as an injectable treatment can last several months.

When administered by qualified and experienced professionals, a skin booster treatment is generally considered safe. However, as with any skin booster injection, there are potential risks and side effects.

For a skin booster in Glasgow using NAD and other vitamins, nutrients & amino acids, visit Nadcell Clinic or book a free consultation online.

Nadcell Clinic - Fully HIS Registered Clinic in Glasgow

If you’re looking for a skin care clinic in Glasgow that offers groundbreaking treatments using the latest therapeutic innovations, choose Nadcell Clinic — a patient-centred clinic offering NAD skin care treatments designed to enhance your skin’s health and appearance.

Our clinic was founded by Dr Alexander Lapa, a trained psychiatrist, and is fully registered with Health Improvement Scotland (HIS). We prioritise your well-being and adhere to the highest standards of quality and care to provide you with peace of mind during your visit.

Experienced, Highly Trained Staff

When it comes to NAD therapy in Glasgow, Nadcell Clinic is a team of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

The team at Nadcell Clinic has extensive experience and expertise with IV and injection therapy using NAD and are all medically trained. Our medical and therapeutic team consists of psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and counsellors.

Innovative Wellness Treatments in Glasgow

We offer a wide range of skin booster treatments and other treatments such as TES and Satori.


NAD+ therapy using injectables could target dryness and help the skin retain moisture.

Anti ageing injections using NAD can sometimes act as anti-wrinkle treatments for fine lines and wrinkles by delivering NAD and other vitamins to problem areas.


An anti ageing IV drip might help many different skin areas with fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin quality for a more youthful appearance.

Because it is administered intravenously, an IV drip is a fast and efficient way to deliver skin boosters to the body. This is why it’s a popular anti ageing injection treatment.

Experience the remarkable benefits of NAD anti-ageing treatments as they work to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin.

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