Covid 19 Testing

Can NAD+ Therapy Help with COVID-19 Recovery and Long-Haul Symptoms?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people worldwide have battled the virus, and while many recover relatively quickly, others experience […]

Pregnant Couple

Vitamin B12: A Crucial Nutrient for Pregnancy and Child Development

Welcome to Nadcell Clinic, an innovative, patient-centred NAD clinic located in the heart of Glasgow. Our clinic specialises in NAD therapy and treatments, […]

Natural Vitamin C Rich foods

From Fatigue to Vitality: How Vitamin C Drips Can Transform Your Life

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, where the demands of work, family, and personal responsibilities often pull us in multiple directions, it’s all […]

Natural sources of vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes, and How We Can Help

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a crucial nutrient that plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, […]

Depressed Woman

Understanding Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Depression is a silent epidemic that affects millions of people worldwide, transcending age, gender, and cultural boundaries. It is a complex mental health […]

Suffering anxiety

Understanding the Complexities of Anxiety: Causes and Triggers

Anxiety, a common and often debilitating mental health condition, affects millions of people worldwide. It transcends age, gender, and cultural boundaries, making it […]

Natural Vitamins

The Science Behind IV Nutrient Infusions: How It Works for Wellness

In the pursuit of optimal health and wellness, individuals are continually exploring innovative approaches to nourishing their bodies and enhancing their overall well-being. […]

Going through drug rehab

Staying Sober After Rehab: Tips for Long-Term Recovery

Completing a drug rehabilitation program is a significant achievement and a crucial step toward a healthier, drug-free life. At Nadcell Clinic in Glasgow, […]

UK Addictions

Common Addictions Throughout Scotland and the UK

Addiction is a widespread and complex issue that affects individuals and communities across the United Kingdom. Nadcell Clinic, a Glasgow-based private medical clinic […]

Ozempic medical weight loss Glasgow

Medical Weight Loss: Ozempic

Losing weight can be extremely difficult for anyone. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful – yet not effective – so-called weight-busting […]

Vitamins, minerals and nutritional foods

Foods High in Essential Vitamins

Eating a balanced diet is more than just consuming meals to satiate your hunger. It’s about nourishing your body with essential vitamins and […]

Depression and alcohol

Depression And Alcohol Dependence

The subject of depression and alcohol often crops up in the addiction treatment sector, and there is an intricate relationship between these two […]

You Can Stay Sober From Alcohol and Be Hapy

Alcohol Help: How To Stay Sober

Overcoming addiction is a continuous journey that demands persistence, vigilance and an unwavering commitment to change. While the road to sobriety can be […]

Alcohol WIthdrawals & Treatment Glasgow

Alcohol Withdrawals & Medically-Assisted Alcohol Detox

What is Alcohol Detox? Alcohol addiction is a serious issue that can have detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental health. When […]

NAD+ and Alcohol treatment Glasgow

Can NAD+ Therapy Help with Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol misuse is a serious medical problem that can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health and well-being. Finding an effective treatment […]

Alcohol Counselling Glasgow

The Importance of Alcohol Counselling and Therapy

Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that requires professional intervention and evidence-based therapies to overcome. One of the key components of alcohol rehabilitation […]

How To Stop Drinking in Glasgow

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

What Is The Best Way To Stop Drinking? When finding the best ways to stop drinking, the first thing to consider is your […]

Alcohol rehab Glasgow, Scotland

Alcohol Rehab Outpatient Treatment

At Nadcell, we understand that attending residential rehab is not always possible. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to establishing an effective […]

Alcohol detox Glasgow, Scotland

Alcohol Detox in Glasgow, Scotland

If you live in Glasgow, or anywhere in Scotland for that matter, you’ll be aware of the levels of chronic alcohol consumption we […]

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione and Alcohol Detox

At Nadcell, we pride ourselves on having the best possible approach to alcohol detox, whether before, during or after treatment, and we should […]