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How well we sleep affects nearly every aspect of our overall health. Experts usually recommend a minimum of eight hours of restful sleep per night. When we don’t get that amount of sleep, it can lead to all sorts of issues. A lack of restful sleep is a contributing factor in:

  • hypertension
  • coronary disease
  • obesity
  • poor immune response.
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    Sleep and Tissue Repair

    Restful sleep is critical to overall good health because it promotes tissue repair. Every day, your body endures stress as a natural result of your daily routine. But your body has a secret weapon. While you sleep, it channels all its energies on healing and restoration. That’s why you hear people talk about sleep as being restorative.

    People who suffer from chronic insomnia do not get enough restful sleep. Insomnia can be a medical issue on its own, or a symptom of something else. For example, it is a common symptom of alcohol detox and drug withdrawal.

    NAD+, anxiety and exercise

    Treating with Medications

    You may be familiar with some of the medications recommended as treatments for insomnia, including sleeping pills. They may be effective, but all such medications need to be used with caution. It is extremely easy for a patient’s body to become so dependent on sleep aids that it cannot achieve restful sleep any other way.

    We believe a better approach to sleep problems is to look for an improvement in health. IV drips can offer you relief to symptoms and the root causes of your sleeplessness. These are minimally invasive, and we also offer other therapeutic treatments, including TES Therapy and Satori Chair Therapy.

    Finding Relief Through NAD Drip

    We know how difficult it is to function when you don’t get enough restful sleep. We also know that chronic insomnia and other sleep problems can contribute to declining health. We sincerely want to help people struggling with consistent restful sleep, which is why we offer the following treatments:

    NAD Therapy

    NAD+ therapy involves helping maintain appropriate levels of a natural enzyme known as NAD. The therapy can be administered in three ways:

    • NAD+ Drip
    • NADH Injections
    • NAD oral supplements.


    Hypnotherapy is designed to treat patients by addressing the subconscious. Often used as part of a treatment for anxiety disorders, pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and a variety of other conditions. It is also particularly effective in treating insomnia. Many patients respond very well to hypnotherapy as a natural insomnia remedy, and we offer hypnotherapy treatments in our clinic.

    TES Therapy

    Almost all bodily functions are controlled by chemicals produced in the brain. This includes sleep. Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES) therapy encourages the production of certain chemicals that can encourage and promote healthy sleep. Treatment is performed by applying a low-power electrical current that travels through the brain at the desired location. It is pain-free and completely safe.

    Satori Chair Therapy - Alcohol Detox
    Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

    Satori Chair Therapy

    The inability to relax can often cause chronic insomnia. Likewise, patients going through alcohol or drug detox may not be able to sleep because their body simply cannot relax and unwind – the person’s system operates at a state of alert most of the day. Our Satori Chair therapy in Glasgow is designed to promote relaxation along with physical and mental harmony. It relies on the well-known Satori positioning and a combination of physical and acoustical vibrations.

    CBT Therapy

    CBT therapy is a talking therapy that seeks to help patients understand why their minds think and react as they do. It is a commonly utilised treatment for drug and alcohol withdrawal. It also has applications for treating chronic insomnia.

    Natural Treatments Are Better

    Treatments involving medications and medical devices are an important part of modern medicine. We believe natural treatments are better in some cases, including in treating insomnia.

    Whether insomnia is caused by stress, an underlying medical issue, alcohol and drug misuse and withdrawal, our natural remedies do not rely on medications that can cause problems themselves. We think that helps make our insomnia treatments a good choice.

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