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NAD + and Long Covid Therapy

The symptoms of Covid-19 are famous worldwide and treatment varies from rest and fluids to ventilation. Now that we are in the advanced phase of the pandemic another condition is rearing its head: Long Covid and the related Medium Covid.

NAD+ IV Drips

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    What is Long Covid?

    Doctors consider someone who is struggling with symptoms more than 12 weeks after a covid infection to have long covid.

    Those who have these symptoms after infection but before 12 weeks have what is called Medium covid.

    Symptoms Include:
    ·       Fatigue
    ·       Loss of taste and smell (periodic or permanent)
    ·       Breathlessness
    ·       Insomnia
    ·       Memory and concentration loss
    ·       Depression and anxiety
    ·       High temperature, fever and chills
    ·       Nausea, stomach cramps/pain
    ·       Aches and pains
    ·       Headaches, brain fog and dizziness

    By far the most common of these symptoms is fatigue. This symptom means feeling tired even when you are well rested. It is not considered long or medium covid if you have symptoms that can be explained by another illness. This is the case even if symptoms are related to covid such as pneumonia, costochondritis or post viral fatigue. Because fatigue and inflammation are two of the main symptoms, scientists are looking at NAD+ treatment as an option to help those with long covid to recover.

    What is NAD+

    Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an important coenzyme that controls metabolism, stress reactions and inflammation levels.
    It dos this though sirtuins which regulate energy in your body and regulate insulin and age related disease.

    This is something that occurs naturally in the body. Levels can decline for several reasons. It can occur naturally with age or due to nutritional stress such as obesity.

    NAD+ deficiency has many side effects including fatigue, memory and concentration loss, nausea, headache and breathlessness.

    How NAD+ Effects Long Covid

    Searching for a treatment

    With 1.2 million people still feeling the effects of long lasting covid symptoms there is a scramble to find treatments.

    Recent discoveries in how people with low levels of NAD are more vulnerable to long covid have led to supplementing NAD+ as a treatment. NAD+ declines naturally as we age and due to medical complications e.g., diabetes, obesity, hypertension. It has been noted by doctors that these are the same people who commonly suffer from long covid. The idea being that NAD+ deficiency could be a ‘unifying hypothesis’ – a theory that explains more than one medical problem. This means that low levels of NAD+ are contributing to long term covid symptoms.

    Why do people get long covid?

    We are in the early days of long covid, but scientists are investing substantial time and effort to identifying why long covid impacts some and not others. We know that one problem is an overreaction from your immune system. This leads to inflammation thanks to what is known as a cytokine storm.

    What is a Cytokine Storm?

    Cytokines are proteins that signal cells to fight a virus or infection. These proteins are normally in appropriate levels to fight an illness. However, Covid-19 seems to cause too much of a release. This leads to an overreaction and severe inflammation. This inflammation persists long after the covid infection is over. One area particularly effected is the olfactory bulb. This part of the forebrain deals with smell, taste and memory. This is believed to be part of the reason we lose our taste and smell with long covid. It can also explain the brain fog and depression experienced by many with the condition.

    How NAD+ can treat long covid

    There are several affects of NAD+ IV treatment that are beneficial to those with long covid.
    ·       Improves energy and metabolism to combat fatigue
    ·       Reduces inflammation a core cause of long covid symptoms
    ·       Resolves NAD deficiency which can cause depression and anxiety
    ·       Helps with alcohol overuse which contributes to symptoms of long covid

    NAD+ IV for Long Covid

    For those with long covid NAD+ can be given as an IV infusion. The Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is dissolved in fluid and given on a drip which enters your bloodstream. It binds with proteins and produces the enzymes to boost metabolism and reduce inflammation. The short term effect is an increase in energy (or decrease in fatigue) but long term it will improve your general health and well being.

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