Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue NAD+ Treatment

Nearly everyone experiences fatigue every now and again. It manifests itself as both physical and mental tiredness. You get fatigued and you just want to lay down and sleep. But for some people, fatigue goes much further. It presents itself as a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Science has been studying chronic fatigue syndrome for over two decades. Researchers have been attempting to understand the mechanisms behind it, especially in relation to how it can be so debilitating. Unfortunately, they still haven’t come up with a single treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

We have a couple of options in NAD/NADH therapies, TES therapy, and Satori chair therapy. Our therapies also have proven applications in alcohol and drug detox and withdrawal.

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    More About NAD

    NAD is a substance that occurs in the human body naturally. It is an enzyme tasked mainly with facilitating the transfer of electrons between cells. It is so effective in doing so that NAD is often referred to as the ‘energy enzyme’.

    A typical NAD treatment at Nadcell involves an intravenous drip that delivers a consistent amount of NAD directly into the bloodstream. NAD therapy can also be administered by way of NADH injections. The injection is also known as the NAD shot. It is administered as an injection into muscle rather than via an IV drip. Yet a third option are NADH supplements taken orally.

    Thanks to their ability to boost energy levels, the NAD Drip, injections, and supplements can ease the suffering chronic fatigue syndrome patients endure on a daily basis. We would be happy to discuss all three treatment options and how they might help you find relief from chronic fatigue syndrome. Symptoms associated with alcohol and drug withdrawal can also be treated with NAD therapy.

    NAD treatment for fatigue

    More About the Satori Chair

    We are extremely excited about the Satori chair and its ability to help people find relief from fatigue. The chair offers a treatment that combines what is known as the Satori position – somewhat reclined with the legs and feet higher than the head – with vibrational frequencies.

    The Satori chair is known to promote ultimate relaxation. It encourages mental and physical harmony. Patients find relief from chronic fatigue syndrome through safe and non-invasive Satori treatments.

    More About TES Therapy

    As a chronic fatigue treatment, TES therapy is designed to encourage the brain to produce and release certain chemicals. This is accomplished through low-power electric current that travels through a targeted area of the brain via the bones of the skull.

    TES therapy is completely pain-free and safe. It has been proved effective as a treatment for a number of different conditions. It could be exactly what you need to help overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Chronic fatigue NAD+ treatment
    Chronic fatigue treatment

    Treating Mind and Body

    Whether you are looking for chronic fatigue syndrome treatment, relief from drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or the fatigue associated with long COVID, all our treatments have one thing in common: they treat both the mind and body.

    Mind and body are intrinsically linked in so many medical conditions. What the body feels is often influenced by what the mind thinks. By treating both, we do not seek to merely mask symptoms; we look to alleviate them completely.

    Relief Is Waiting for You

    We invite you to learn more about NAD/NADH, TES, and Satori chair therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome and alcohol/drug withdrawal. Rest assured that all our treatments are conducted in a safe and monitored environment.

    Relief is waiting for you at Nadcell. Do not continue to struggle while chronic fatigue syndrome takes its toll. Let us talk about a potential treatment that could help you take your life back.

    Satori Chair Therapy

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