Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox - Outpatient & Dayhab

Withdrawal symptoms are one of the biggest hurdles when you want to stop drinking. Alcohol detox is usually the first step in quitting alcohol and is an important part of treatment.

Making detoxing easier, faster and more comfortable improves your mental and physical health and gives you a solid grounding for your recovery. Suffering benefits no one. It lowers our mood and overshadows the benefits of quitting drinking.

A medically-managed alcohol detox at Nadcell Clinic improves symptoms quicker, increasing the chance of staying off alcohol during withdrawal.

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    What happends during an Alcohol Detox?

    Alcohol Detox Medication


    People addicted to alcohol usually need a detox sedative to start. Due to NHS waiting lists, these can be difficult to obtain quickly in the UK. A private consultation, treatment and prescription can help you quickly get what you need to get sober. Addiction is an urgent condition and needs treatment as soon as possible. 


    Depending on your symptoms, you will get this medication after an assessment by our Clinic’s doctor. Usually, a benzodiazepine called Chlordiazepoxide which is a specialist alcohol detox medication used to treat agitation and prevent seizures during withdrawals.


    These medications prevent seizures, insomnia, headaches, irritability, sweats, and chills. At the clinic, you can also receive Pabrinex NAD IV detox, TES and counselling to help you on the road to sobriety and recovery.

    NAD+ IV Drips
    NAD+, anxiety and exercise

    In-Person Day Rehab (Dayhab)

    Unlike other clinics, rehabs and home detox providers, Nadcell offers in-person treatment, vitamin and mineral infusions and injections including Pabrinex, consultation with our psychiatrist, and on-gping support where required.

    Vitamin and nutrient deficiency is a common side effect of long-term alcohol abuse. Our Pabrinex infusions and injections not only help the detox process but help restore damage done by alcohol misuse.

    7 Day Alcohol Detox - Dayhab Attendance 3 or 5 Days in the Clinic

    Our 7-day alcohol detox attendance can be tailored to your requirements.

    Normally a minimum of 3 days’ attendance in the clinic is required to get the core benefit from our detox treatment, however you can discuss that with the doctor during our FREE initial consultation.

    Treatment and price includes:

    • Medical consultation and assessment with our Psychiatrist
    • Detox prescriptions
    • Detox medications (Librium, vitamins, sleeping tablets if required) for 7 days
    • 3 days Pabrinex infusion or injection treatment
    • Follow-up support

    We also offer our 7-day detox which includes 5 days’ attendance at the clinic and also involves a variety of well-being treatments, including:

    • Medical consultation and assessment with our psychiatrist
    • Detox medications (Librium, sleeping tablets etc)
    • 5 days vitamin and nutrient IV drips or injections
    • 10 x Sessions Transcranial Electro Stimulation
    • 5 x Satori sessions
    Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

    TES Therapy for Alcohol Detox

    Electric stimulation therapy is a non-invasive treatment for various conditions, including pain management and mood and behaviour improvement.


    This is used in medical clinics in the UK and worldwide to aid recovery from everything from brain injury to depression and alcohol dependence. 


    Satori Chair

    Chair therapy is one of the holistic therapies offered in our NAD clinics in the UK. This chair uses sonic frequencies to promote relaxation, meditation, sleep, and rest. 


    Alcohol detox is hard on the body, and withdrawal symptoms can exhaust you. Spending time in the Satori chair allows you to relax and rest between medication, NAD therapy and TES therapy or counselling sessions.

    Counselling for anxiety

    Alcohol Detox Counselling

    The physical side of withdrawal is a challenge on most people’s minds for a good reason. It is also worth thinking about the psychological side as well. 


    Whether you struggle with mental health or not, alcohol detox is a time of raw and challenging emotion. A qualified and experienced alcohol counsellor will be available in our NAD clinic to talk things through and asses you for undiagnosed mental health conditions.

    NADCell Alcohol Detox Treatment Plan

    Other Treatments we offer for alcohol detox include:

    • NAD+ IV Infusions
    • Vitamin Infusions
    • Satori Chair
    • TES Therapy
    • Alcohol Counselling

    Contact us today to discuss an alcohol detox with our medical team: 0141 248 7724

    Sources: NADH and NRH as potential dietary supplements or pharmacological agents for early liver injury caused by acute alcohol exposure

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