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Nadcell Clinic is a registered NAD and Vitamin Drips & Shots treatment centre in the UK, offering innovative treatments for various conditions that can boost your overall vitality & quality of life.

If you’re wanting a Vitamin or NAD treatment in the UK that can treat the effects of various conditions, boost your overall wellness, and offer various other benefits, our cutting edge IV & IM therapy clinic is for you. With a fully qualified medical team and state-of-the-art treatment facility in Glasgow, Nadcell Clinic is a leading clinic when it comes to treatments using NAD+ in Scotland.

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Through various drips & infusions and injections, along with other innovative therapies, we tailor treatments based on each patient’s unique needs.

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NAD+ IV Treatment Drip Glasgow, Scotland

NAD+ IV Drips & Injections

NAD+ is an essential substance found in every living cell in our bodies – you can’t live without it.

Occurring naturally in our bodies, the functions of NAD can include slowing down the ageing process, improving mental clarity, fighting fatigue, increasing energy and helping the metabolism. A NAD+ IV drip is administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for faster and greater absorption into the body and bloodstream compared to oral supplements.

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Alcohol Detox

A medically-managed alcohol detox treatment that includes a NAD+ IV drip treatment helps withdrawal symptoms, can heal you quicker, and provides the best possible start to recovery. Our 3 or 5-day alcohol detox is a remarkable therapy and unlike any other rehab or clinic.

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NAD+ therapy can help the release of beneficial neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and endorphins. Increasing serotonin levels is the traditional medical treatment for anxiety and can be amazingly effective combined with counselling.


NAD+ IV treatments can be beneficial to those with long COVID as they can help improve energy levels and metabolism to combat fatigue, reduce inflammation — a core cause of long COVID symptoms — and could resolve any NAD deficiency which can cause depression and anxiety.

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A major contributing neurotransmitter to depression and its treatment is serotonin. Widely known for its mood elevating effect, serotonin is the target of most antidepressant medications. Evidence suggests NAD has a direct effect on the production of serotonin. Our NAD+ therapy for depression could help raise niacin levels and produce serotonin.

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    Using Vitamin & NAD+ Treatments to Support Wellness

    As one of the leading specialist NAD treatment centres in Scotland, we take a holistic approach when using NAD IV drip therapy, injections, and other treatment options to assist patients with various conditions and symptoms.

    What is NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)?

    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that naturally occurs in all living cells in our body. Working at a cellular level, NAD contributes to the function of our brain, metabolism, DNA, immune cells, and other essential functions in the body.

    What is NAD IV Treatment?

    As we age, our NAD levels begin to drop. Depleted levels of NAD can affect our body’s ability to deal with certain symptoms — which is where an IV NAD treatment comes in.

    NAD can be delivered via IV therapy or injection shots in order to quickly enter and be absorbed into the bloodstream. As our NAD levels improve, our body becomes better equipped to deal with various toxins and ailments, as well as some of the effects of ageing.

    Read more about how NAD therapy works or get in touch with us to find out more.

    How Does NAD Impact Illnesses & Health Issues?

    The benefits of increased NAD levels in the body range from fighting health issues such as chronic pain and alleviating the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal to enhancing athletic performance and offering anti ageing benefits that improve skin health.

    With NAD’s powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing functions, it can alleviate some of the effects of illness and ageing, and even help patients overcome addiction and drug or alcohol abuse so they are better equipped to handle the recovery process.

    The Benefits of NAD as Part of a Treatment Plan

    A NAD IV drip treatment can offer the following benefits:

    • Overall immune system and energy boost (especially for those battling with chronic fatigue)
    • Slow down the natural ageing process to reverse some of the signs of ageing (such as fine lines and wrinkles)
    • Repair damaged DNA and promote cell regeneration
    • Reduce pain
    • Improved cognitive function and mental clarity (including memory and focus)
    • Better sleep quality
    • Alleviate withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or drug addiction for a lower chance of relapse

    NAD can also be used in conjunction with other treatments for more specific purposes, such as glutathione injections, which aim to improve skin health, fight wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation problems, or fat burner infusion treatments which can help with weight loss.

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    Nadcell Clinic: NAD Treatments Tailored for You

    When you choose Nadcell Clinic for your NAD+ IV treatment in the UK, you are in good hands. All of our therapies are administered by experienced and qualified healthcare practitioners who have a passion for helping our patients get the most out of their life.

    If you have questions about any of our treatment options or aren’t sure if NAD therapy is the right treatment for you, you can schedule a free consultation to chat with us in more detail. We will discuss your existing conditions, medical history and desired results before advising you on which of our IV drip treatments or specialised treatments is best for you.

    Whether you’re looking for an alcohol rehab centre or an innovative solution to another health issue you may have, we can help you with a bespoke treatment plan at our clinic.

    Improved energy levels and mental health is just a click away — Book an appointment for your NAD treatment in the UK online with Nadcell Clinic today.

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