Satori Chair Therapy

A Satori chair, also known as the ZRO Touch Wellness System, is a lounge chair that delivers a zero-gravity feeling and helps the user to enter a state of deep meditation. It sends vibrational frequencies to different areas of the body while simultaneously providing sounds of different frequencies, such as alpha, theta and delta.

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    What is Satori Chair Therapy like?

    Users undergoing Satori Chair therapy will experience a feeling of extraordinary relaxation throughout the session, with the body and mind feeling harmonised. Vibrations and energy pulses are sent to targetted areas of the body while different frequencies of sounds are delivered. Alpha frequencies relax the brain and allow it to unwind, with serotonin levels decreasing. Theta frequencies send the user into a REM-like state, and Delta frequencies help with restoration and regeneration.

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    What does Satori Chair Therapy treat?

    Satori Chair therapy can help with a range of different disorders or troubles, including depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia and PTSD. The unique and modern technology of the chair changes the neural pathways and moves the body toward a REM-like state. Because of this, it also helps with sleep quality, particularly in those who are unable to sleep due to anxiety and stress.

    In a study, Satori Chair therapy had an 87% success rate on treating rehab patients. Since anxiety and depression can both be commonly experienced by addicts going through withdrawal symptoms, it can help make the transition period to recovery less difficult and uncomfortable. Along with reducing depression and anxiety, it also can help to reduce the user’s impulse to use substances.

    Satori Chair Therapy has shown to be very helpful in treating some of the unbearable symptoms that sufferers of PTSD experience. The US military has continued to use the Satori Chair to help veterans suffering with PTSD from combat.

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    Benefits of Satori Chair Therapy

    • Reduces Stress
    • Lowers Anxiety
    • Better Memory
    • Enhances Sleep
    • Improved Mood States
    • Pain Reduction
    • Weight Management
    • Increases Compassion
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    What are the benefits of using Satori Chair Therapy?

    Not only is the Satori Chair very successful in treating a variety of different conditions, including depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, insomnia and PTSD, it also is an exceptionally safe treatment. There are no medications involved and there are no side effects. Testimonials from people who have used it have been very positive, with users saying they leave feeling much more relaxed and optimistic about the future.

    Satori Chair Program Modules

    Mindbody Experience

    Our Signature series programs ranging from Grounding and stress relief to Energetic cleansing and mind body regeneration.

    Vibrational Wellness

    A series of four voice guided programs ranging from 16 minutes to 50 minutes, focusing on mind / body wellness and healing.

    Chakra Balance

    A series of six programs designed to align each Chakra energies of the body, while guiding brainwaves to a deep meditative State.

    Gamma Series

    A series of four Gamma wave programs for better focus, memory retention, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion and benevolence.

    Harmonic Touch

    Four non-guided programs created for ultimate stress reduction. Each entrain brainwaves to Alpha, Theta and briefly into Delta, achieving deep regeneration.


    This program was used in a recent sleep study revealing enhanced sleep results. Two programs: Power Nap 20 minutes and Deep Sleep 60 minutes.

    AXIS Sound Change

    Weight Management, Recovery, Tobacco Cessation


    Tibetian Bowls, Crystal Bowls , gongs and synth sounds these programs immerse your entire mind, body, spirit in a virtual sound bath.

    Satori Chair - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Should I Feel The First Time?

    Keep an open mind and go with it. Many users have profound experiences the very first time the use the ZRO Touch system.

    However, it is important to remember that the programs are brainwave entrainment. The more they are used, the more profound the experiences will be.

    2. Why Do I Need To Wear Headphones?

    Headphones are necessary for the sound to enter your audio pathway through the ears (the direct path to the brain).

    The sound therapy is mixed in binaural stereo and uses special sine waves that cause a type of brainwave entrainment, which causing the hemispheres of the brain (right and left) to synchronize. This synchronizing of the hemispheres is what causes the brainwave to lower into the slow wave frequencies (meditation).

    3. Are There Any Subliminal Information In The Programs?

    No. Many people experience profound dream-like experiences when using the programs.

    Be assured that the thoughts and ideas that are coming to you are arising solely from your own subconscious.

    This is healthy, and an important part of the therapy.

    4. How Do The Behavioral Change Programs Work?

    The behavioral change program utilizes the same brainwave technology as the meditation programs to slow the brainwave patterns to the theta level, where the conscious mind is not active, allowing the voice-guided programs to speak directly to the subconscious.

    All the Satori behavioural change programs are written by certified addiction professionals, and are actively used in some of the worlds leading behavioural change clinics.

    5. Are There Any Side Effects?

    All of the clinical research has produced the same result: No known side effects. In fact, most of the “side effects” are positive.

    However, we always suggest that all pregnant women should consult their physician before using the Satori Wellness System.

    6. How Often Should I Use The Program Sessions?

    Use any of the sessions as much as you like. If fact, in some cases the more time you spend in session the more rapidly your stress and other related dysfunctions are reduced.

    Remember these programs are entraining your brain to respond quicker to relaxation, allowing your mind to remember and be more receptive to achieving a new type of wellness… leading to a more centred, happier you.

    7. Should I Listen To The Programs In Any Particular Order?

    Many of the modules have several different session options.

    On ONLY programs that should be listened to “in order” are the behavioural change programs (weight management, tobacco cessation, quantum recovery).

    All other programs can be listened to in any order. We encourage you to listen to all and find your favourite!

    8. What Are The Improvements To Well-Being?

    The vibroacoustic programs in the ZRO Wellness System have been found to be effective in the treatment of stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, and for relief of addiction-related symptoms, such as cravings, anxiety, anger and heightened mood states.

    Vibracoustics was originally deployed at the Miami VA Hospital and the Brooke Army Medical Centre in San Antonio, Texas.

    The U.S. Army conducted a trial over an eight-week period in a combat hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. Participants reported significant improvements: 11% increase in resiliency 48% better sleep quality 97% improvement in mood 49% decrease in stress 25% decrease in anxiety These improvements have been corroborated in several other studies, which are available for review. The therapy is highly affective, with users of our stress and meditation programs experiencing a 40%-60% drop in symptoms from just one 24-minute session.

    The drop-in symptoms covers stress, anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger, fear and even body pain.

    For Sleep program users, they see a 80% improvement in ease of getting to sleep and staying asleep in just 14 days.

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