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NAD+ Therapy

What is NAD+?

NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels are something that exists naturally in our bodies. NAD+ and NADH are enzymes vital to our metabolism.

They aid in moving electrons from one cell to the next. This is how metabolism and energy levels in the body are controlled.

They do this because they affect SIRT 1, which is key to improving resistance to physical and psychological illnesses.

How Does NAD Effect Your Body?

NAD IV therapy is designed to replace depleted levels in your body, hence it is commonly known as the energy molecule.

NADH is a vital part of the Krebs Cycle also known as the citric acid cycle. This is the sequence of chemical reactions that take saved energy from carbs, fats and protein in our bodies. And plays an important role in dissolving and releasing stored energy into our bodies for us to use.

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Our Treatments

With our NAD drip treatment, NAD is administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for faster and greater absorption into the body and bloodstream compared to oral supplements.

Why do I need NAD IV treatment?

NAD levels get lower naturally as we age, but poor nutrition and obesity contribute. As we get older, NAD in our bodies is lost.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can influence NAD levels, making it more difficult to use niacin naturally occurring in our diet.

A NAD infusion can be the most effective and quickest way to replenish the levels in your body. This can contribute to a number of age and substance misuse related conditions. These vary from depression, withdrawal and chronic fatigue to obesity and skin problems.

Dr Joseph Goldberger first studied NAD levels in human beings on behalf of the Surgeon General of the United States. They were hoping to treat the disease Pellagra, which is caused by not enough niacin, leading to NAD deficiency. They found the problem was caused by restricted diet, obesity, malnutrition and alcohol and drug misuse.

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NAD levels get lower naturally as we age

NAD Treatment

There are a few ways to increase the level of NAD+ and NADH in your body and experience the health improvement it brings.

NAD treatments are available at our NAD clinic in Glasgow city centre. Your therapy will be overseen by medical professionals with years of experience in NAD treatments.

NAD IV Therapy At Our Clinic

Also known as a NAD drip, this is an infusion of the enzymes that your body converts in to increased NAD levels.

It is thought that a NAD infusion is the most effective way of taking NAD+ as it goes directly into your bloodstream. This is administered at a NAD clinic under the supervision of a doctor specialising in NAD IV treatment.

NAD drips usually take 1-one-to-two hours to complete. During this time, you can sit or lie down and relax in our comfortable clinic.

You will usually return for two or four more sessions after your first appointment. These will be spaced out to make the most of the initial impact of NAD IV treatment. NAD’s immediate effect can be increased energy levels and reduced cravings for those with alcohol dependence.

NAD Injections

NAD Injections, also known as a NAD shot, are also available. They are delivered into the muscle rather than the bloodstream; it is less effective than NAD IV.

NAD Supplements

Although taking some NAD and other derivative supplements is safe and has some effect, it is much less so than both NAD IV and NAD injection.

This is because the absorption of any nutrient through the stomach is much less effective than having it introduced through the bloodstream. This means that NAD supplements increase NAD levels at a much-reduced level than a NAD drip.

NAD Drip For Oxidative Stress

The main purpose of NAD treatment is to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidation is a normal part of your body’s function. However, oxidative stress happens when the balance of free radicals and antioxidants is disrupted.

Most people have heard of antioxidants, which prevent or slow cell damage. Free radicals are important too, they can protect us against disease. When free radical numbers become higher, this balance is disrupted and cells can be damaged.

NAD is a directly-operating antioxidant which can help to restore the balance of oxidation in the body. An imbalance in antioxidants is caused by a variety of issues, the main concerns are listed below.

NAD+ IV Alcohol Detox

One of the causes of low NAD+ levels in the body is alcohol misuse. The body uses NAD+ when it breaks down alcohol in the body. Studies show that during alcohol binges, NAD levels drop significantly.

Alcohol misuse is the second most common cause of Pellagra or NAD deficiency after malnutrition. This causes a breakdown in the relationship between sirtuin and NAD+, which leads in turn to inflammation and damage to the liver.

NAD IV Drug Detox

All addictions are formed in the brain reward pathways and are considered a neuropsychiatric condition. This means they are caused by neurological (physical brain conditions) and psychiatric (the brain working abnormally) issues.

One of the main parts of the brain affected by drug misuse is the dopamine pathway. The use of drugs can lead to lesions in the brain in these and other pathways.

NAD+ treatment has been shown to counteract the deterioration caused to the dopamine pathways by drug or alcohol misuse.


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