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NAD+ IV Infusion

NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is an essential substance found in every living cell in our bodies – you can’t live without it. NAD is responsible for slowing down the ageing process, improving mental clarity, fighting fatigue, increasing energy and helping your metabolism.

With our NAD drip treatment, NAD is administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for faster and greater absorption into the body and bloodstream compared to oral supplements.

In summary, our NAD+ IV Drip may:

  • improve mental clarity and cognitive function, which can help with memory loss
  • reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • slow down the ageing process via DNA repair
  • improve mitochondrial function to reduce fatigue and increase energy
  • increase metabolism and reduce inflammation, which can aid in weight loss
  • increase muscle function
  • help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings for illicit substances and alcohol

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    What is NAD?

    A powerful coenzyme, NAD predominantly works alongside sirtuins in the body, playing a crucial role in the chemical reactions of every living cell in your body. In this way, NAD impacts stress reactions, inflammation and metabolism.

    NAD is also thought to play a role in gene expression and cell regeneration, whereby it may be able to repair damaged DNA and restore normal function to cells. This could have a massive positive impact on many aspects of your well being.

    NAD+ Therapy with IV Infusions & Drips

    NAD+ is the oxidised form of NAD. We specialise in NAD+ infusions through IV drip therapy, as this is generally considered the most efficient means to provide NAD treatment.

    Read on to find out more about what our NAD IV clinic in Glasgow offers:

    What does NAD IV therapy involve?

    NAD plus IV (intravenous) drips are administered into the bloodstream directly in the hand or arm. An initial consultation is necessary for our licenced and qualified medical professionals to go over your medical history and assess your health. They will then determine if NAD IV therapy is suitable for you.

    The frequency of NAD+ treatments needed will depend on your goals and your underlying medical condition.

    What is NAD IV therapy good for?

    When weighing up treatment options, many patients ask us, “Are NAD drips worth it?”

    NAD levels decrease naturally as people age. Obesity and nutritional stress may also accelerate the decline of NAD levels. Research into NAD deficiencies indicates that diminishing NAD levels in the body can impact your well being drastically and is linked with a possible reduction in mitochondrial function and a higher risk of age-related diseases and cognitive impairment.

    There is some evidence that suggests supplementation with NAD treatment to improve your NAD levels may help your body better reconstruct damaged DNA, thus presenting possible anti-ageing effects. Besides potentially delaying or preventing the onset of age-related diseases, NAD may also help to reduce the fine lines, age spots and wrinkles caused by ageing.

    Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

    NAD+ therapy poses many potential benefits to improve your well-being. Whether you are looking for anti-ageing benefits, to improve your energy levels, or to recover from addiction, replenishing your NAD levels with regular NAD medical IV drips in Glasgow clinic may help in the following ways:

    Cope with Withdrawal Symptoms

    To supplement a rehabilitation programme, we specialise in treating addiction with NAD+ in patients who are dependent on alcohol and drugs and starting the recovery process. NAD+ drip therapy may help to curb cravings from alcohol and other substances, as well as lessen the intense symptoms of withdrawal to make early recovery a more comfortable process.

    Improved Immune System

    There is some evidence that NAD+ supplementation can support immune health. By boosting your immune system, a NAD vitamin drip could increase your body’s resiliency to illnesses and diseases.

    Boosted Energy Levels

    On a cellular level, NAD plays a role in the transfer of electrons. This process affects our energy levels and metabolic activity, helping your body to produce ATP and construct complex proteins. By potentially improving cellular performance, NAD IV therapy may offer you more alertness and energy to combat fatigue or enhance athletic performance.

    Cognitive Function

    The cognitive benefits of sufficient levels of NAD include enhanced concentration, increased memory retention and greater mood stability.

    A NAD+ infusion in the UK at our clinic may also help you better manage the symptoms of anxiety or depression. That being said, a NAD+ booster drip should be used in addition to a comprehensive mental health treatment plan for anxiety or depression.

    A NAD IV drip in Glasgow at Nadcell Clinic could help you to live a full, vigorous lifestyle. Book a free consultation with us today!


    Do NAD IV drips really work?

    Like our other IV treatments, a NAD IV infusion is delivered directly into the blood. NAD intravenous treatments are considered more effective as they bypass your digestive system, and the stomach processes NAD less efficiently and at a slower rate.

    Replenishing NAD levels has shown promising research outcomes when studied for its ability to increase the body’s disease resiliency and, therefore, extend overall longevity.

    Are NAD drips safe?

    Due to NAD being a co-enzyme naturally found in our body, it is a safe treatment for most patients.

    NAD therapy should always be monitored and dosed by medical professionals. With Nadcell Clinic, you can be certain that every one of our treatments that involve intravenous procedures, including our NAD+ therapy, is carried out by fully qualified and highly experienced medical professionals.

    Book a free consultation at Nadcell Clinic — Our expert team will find the safest, most effective IV therapy or treatment for your needs.

    Nadcell Clinic – Fully Registered NAD IV Drip Clinic in Glasgow

    We are a fully HIS-registered, patient-centred clinic in the heart of Glasgow. As a truly cutting-edge clinic, we offer innovative treatments and therapies to help patients cope better with a wide range of health ailments, including various chronic conditions.

    We are committed to delivering tailored treatment plans to our patients based on their unique needs. Our aim is to give our patients a happy mind, happy body, and happy life.

    For trusted medical providers of NAD IV UK, choose Nadcell Clinic. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you revitalise your health.

    Experienced, Highly Trained Staff

    For those suffering from chronic conditions, alcohol dependency, mental health issues or other ailments, our dedicated and highly qualified medical team is here to offer their expertise with the aim of improving every patient’s quality of life. Our qualified healthcare professionals, who have extensive experience in intravenous and intramuscular treatments, inspect and quality check every IV infusion and injection before administration.

    One of Many Advanced Wellness Treatments

    While we are known for our NAD+ drip in the UK, we also offer a range of other treatments.

    For those recovering from substance misuse, Nadcell Clinic offers a number of alcohol detox treatments. Besides our NAD IV infusions & drips, we also offer TES (Transcranial Electrical Stimulation) and Satori chair therapy (vibroacoustic therapy). And if you’re looking for a different type of IV drip in Glasgow, our infusions and shots are also available with other ingredients as a means of delivering nutrients, amino acids and vitamin therapy.

    If you are ready to start putting your wellness first, schedule a free consultation with Nadcell Clinic to find out which of our treatments could help improve your quality of life.

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