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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox in Glasgow, Scotland

At Nadcell, we pride ourselves on having the best possible approach to alcohol detox, whether before, during or after treatment, and we should pride ourselves, as we are the leading alcohol detoxification experts in Scotland.

Our team has years of experience working with people who are struggling with alcohol addiction, and together we work to create a plan that has the most effective strategy in helping you towards a sober life.

Many aspects of alcohol detox come together to make it as safe and comfortable as possible. Returning to full health is important not only to your physical but also mental health.

Extended alcohol consumption depletes many of your body’s reserves and leaves organs such as the liver vulnerable to damage.

Once the client has completed a medical detox, it is vital to begin the process of rehabilitation through food, and vitamin and nutrient supplements. One of the supplements that are widely considered a super supplement is Glutathione.

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What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant, which is also known as GSH. Glutathione is a molecule found naturally in your body, produced by the liver and neurons in the central nervous system. Glutathione is a bond of three amino acids: L-cysteine, glycine, and L-glutamate. The liver is responsible for producing most of your Glutathione. This is why it is a common problem for those with alcohol use disorder, given the work a liver has to do during alcohol misuse.

Glutathione and Alcohol Detox

High alcohol consumption is toxic to the body. The liver, in particular, suffers from sustained ethanol poisoning, as your liver converts this into acetaldehyde, in order to process it and remove it from your body. Glutathione levels can speed up the breakdown of acetaldehyde and aid your body in removing this toxic substance.

Glutathione is now being looked up as one of the critical aspects of alcohol detox therapy, as it helps protect against cell damage caused by overindulging in alcohol.

The glutathione levels in the body are constantly reduced during the detox from alcohol. Alcohol misuse is stressful for the body, but so is the detox stage, and taking Glutathione during detox will allow the process to go more smoothly.

Glutathione is known as the Master Antioxidant, and it is also a vital regulator of the immune system and detoxification in cells throughout the body.

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How important is it to take Glutathione?

It is important to take Glutathione if you are consuming alcohol every day or binge-drinking. Glutathione is there to support the natural detoxification processes of the body, the main one being the liver. It can often be given as Glutathione injections (shots) and as a Glutathione infusion (drip), as well as in oral supplement capsules.

Some of the main functions of Glutathione

It is easy to see why Glutathione is considered a super supplement when dealing with damage sustained through long-term alcohol abuse.

Symptoms of Low Glutathione Levels

Any consumption of alcohol will deplete your natural resources of Glutathione, which inhibits the detoxification process. It does not matter if you only have one or two alcoholic beverages daily; it will still reduce Glutathione levels.

Some signs of Glutathione deficiency are:

These will often worsen with time and can become life-threatening if not addressed.

What are other health factors associated with low levels of Glutathione?

Other factors associated with low Glutathione levels are chronic illness, increased stress, and ageing. All of these are also symptoms of alcoholism.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol frequently is enough to overwhelm our liver because it simply cannot keep up with the detoxification demands whilst simultaneously producing enough Glutathione.

The liver is the primary source of Glutathione, so if the liver cannot produce vital antioxidants, the body will be affected by the consequences of that.

What are other parts of the body that can be damaged through Glutathione depletion?

It may not be widely known, but chronic alcohol use can also impact the lung’s capacity to function; Low Glutathione levels can make you more susceptible to lung diseases and illnesses.

When Glutathione levels are low due to alcohol consumption, the whole body will suffer, free radical damage will increase, and the immune system will grow weak due to toxins beginning to build up. One of these toxins is Acetaldehyde.

What is Acetaldehyde?

Acetaldehyde is the chemical your body breaks alcohol down into. It is estimated to be 20 to 30 times more toxic than alcohol. Acetaldehyde destroys enzymes and proteins that it comes into contact with and causes damage to DNA. High levels of Acetaldehyde in the liver can destroy liver cells and lead to alcoholic liver disease (ALD). And finally, Acetaldehyde is highly neurotoxic, and elevated levels of Acetaldehyde can cause significant damage to nerves and accelerate cognitive decline.

The damage from excessive drinking is not due to alcohol alone but rather to the toxic effects of Acetaldehyde. When Glutathione levels in the body cannot keep up with the amount of Acetaldehyde produced during the first phase of alcohol detoxification, then Acetaldehyde will begin to exert its powerful effects that can cause damage.

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What can we take away from this?

Glutathione is one of the most potent antioxidants the body makes and is an essential ingredient in the human body, which is significantly reduced through consuming alcohol.

Boosting Glutathione may provide many health benefits, including reduction of oxidative stress when going through a detox from alcohol.

At Nadcell, we can provide a safe and reliable service in alcohol detoxification in Glasgow. If you have any questions regarding Glutathione or anything involving our services, please call us on 0141 248 7724 for a free initial consultation.


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