Fat Burner Plus Drip

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Fat Burner Plus IV Drip

Our Fat Burner Plus IV drip is a combination of a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can help achieve fat burning and detoxification and to speed up your metabolism. The drip contains B2, B5, B6, Methylcobalamin (B12), D-Galactose, Lysine, Taurine, Ornithine, Carnitine, Methionine, Arginine, Glycine and Cysteine.

It helps hydrate the body in order to aid metabolism and help keep your energy levels up. This procedure should be combined with exercise and a diet plan for better results. It is a booster on your weight loss or weight maintenance journey. You can become a better version of yourself with Fat Burner Plus IV drip!

In summary, Fat Burner Plus IV Drip may:

  • help burn body fat
  • enhance energy levels
  • assist body detox
  • increase skin elasticity
  • activate blood circulation in tissues
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels
  • speed up muscle tissue contraction
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