Alcohol Detox in Glasgow, Scotland

Alcohol detox Glasgow, Scotland

If you live in Glasgow, or anywhere in Scotland for that matter, you’ll be aware of the levels of chronic alcohol consumption we suffer here. According to the Scottish Health Survey 2021, around a quarter of Scots drink hazardous or harmful amounts every week (more than 14 units).  If you are alcohol dependent and part of these statistics, you probably have a strong desire to drink alcohol often. This is normally because your body has become used to lots of alcohol and needs it to function. Now, this may seem like the most obvious sentence ever written, but this means that you cannot stop the consumption of alcohol without seriously affecting your health and, perhaps, endangering your life.

It is common for those who misuse alcohol to be unaware of the dangers of withdrawing from alcohol. However, knowing the risks of detoxing without trained medical professionals is essential.

What Are The Risks Of Alcohol Withdrawal?

The worst-case scenario of uncontrolled detox is severe illness and death. Other potential complications include (DT’s) delirium tremens, characterized by hallucinations, mental confusion, and disorientation.

Typically, withdrawal symptoms will show around 3 to 8 hours after your last drink as the effect of the alcohol wears off. So, even if you are ready to take steps to stop drinking, it is often difficult because of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most challenging diseases, so we have ensured you have the best available treatments. All of our treatments and services are performed and managed by our experienced team at Nadcell.

Why Choose Nadcell Alcohol Detox?

At Nadcell, we offer expert advice and specialist treatment at our alcohol detox clinic in Glasgow. Our team of addiction specialists have worked for decades in the field of addiction. Some of our team members have also been addicted to alcohol and can use that experience to help you.

Our detox programme is led and designed by leading medical experts in the field and round-the-clock observation from highly trained nursing practitioners. We feel it is a necessity to reduce the alcohol level through measures that are deemed safe and effective.

Why Should I Consider An Alcohol Detox Programme?

When it comes to talking about alcohol detoxing, it can put many people off as they do not want to experience withdrawal.

If you are serious about giving up alcohol, the only way to do it safely and properly is through one of our alcohol detox programmes; it is vital in helping alleviate cravings. Any alcohol that is in your system will be removed, providing you with a clean slate for recovery.

In our experience working in addiction rehab, completing an alcohol detox will prepare you for the degree of aftercare services available through our NAD+ clinic.

Despite fears regarding withdrawal, medical detoxes are designed to make the withdrawal process as safe and comfortable as possible.

What Makes The Alcohol Detox Safe And Comfortable?

An alcohol detox consists of medications used to counter withdrawal symptoms, such as Benzodiazepines, sometimes called benzodiazepines a class of depressant drugs. Benzodiazepine is essential in curbing the symptoms of alcohol detox, which can include anxiety, sweating, shakiness, vomiting, fast heart rate, and mild fever.

Another counteractive treatment used in alcohol detox is Thiamine, a vitamin, an essential micronutrient, that cannot be produced in the body. Therefore, it is critical for the body’s recovery to be replenished with crucial vitamins and nutrients, as they have been depleted through years of alcohol abuse. Stabilizing the body with relevant supplements will help it return to normal functioning.

An experienced medical team supervises our alcohol detox. Our team is there to monitor you and help you avoid unnecessary discomfort or life-threatening withdrawal complications.

If you are interested in a medical detox but have concerns regarding your health and safety, please call our team now, and we can answer your questions.

How Long Does An Alcohol Detox Take?

It depends: with some people, the withdrawal symptoms can subside four or five days after their last drink, but an entire medical detox process can take up to 10 days.

Even after withdrawal symptoms have been and gone, the body may take longer to absorb the vitamins and prescription medications to rebalance properly.

It is important not to rush the process, as the body is vulnerable during and after detox.

Where Will The Detox Take Place?

Our medically managed alcohol detox takes place at our Nadcell clinic in Glasgow.

We follow strict guidelines of tested and approved regulations to improve your physiological state faster, increasing the chances of staying alcohol-free during detox.

Why Is It Important to Treat My Alcohol Addiction?

If you are consuming high quantities of alcohol daily, or even if you are dependent on alcohol to get you through the day, then you need to understand the damage that alcohol is causing. Unfortunately, every human being ever to exist has had severe side effects from alcoholism, including mental health issues.

Aside from your general health, alcohol abuse can reduce your quality of life by affecting your relationships, career prospects and finances. You may be reading this right now thinking that it is impossible to stop drinking, it is easy to feel that you can’t do it, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It is possible to stop drinking and start a new life. So many people we have dealt with over the years have achieved sobriety, so many that it is beyond the point of counting, and you can too.

If you are ready to end your alcohol addiction by completing our leading addiction treatments, such as our alcohol detox programme in Scotland, and following our advised steps to addiction recovery, in that case, you are on your way to a sober life.

How Do I Find Out More About A Detox

If you are interested in medical detox and have concerns regarding your health and safety, please call our team now on 0141 248 7724, and you can speak to one of our medical team. Or visit our contact page for more information on how to get in touch.

We are also happy to answer any questions about the other services we provide in alcohol recovery, including vitamins, counselling and general well-being.

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